Creative Ways to Recycle Old Tire

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As people become more innovative, environmental problems increase every day. People are no longer worried about their impact on the environment as long as they earn money or get rid of stuff. When some car owners change their tires, they just send them to the landfill or dispose of them where it seems convenient for them. To help deal with this major problem considering that tires take up to a million years to decompose, recycling should be embraced.

  • They are used in Garden Beds

You probably have a garden where you have been growing some flowers and other plants. You have been wondering about how you can reduce or eradicate weed growth or how to retain more water. The good news is that you can play your role in reducing environmental problems by using tires. By placing used tires in various parts of the garden, you can prevent weed growth and retain more water.

  • They are used to Make Slippers

When tires cannot be used any further, there are people that will find them quite useful and an opportunity for them to make money. They will use them to make some kind of slippers that are quite comfortable to walk on. This is something that is being practiced in places such as Africa and this has reduced the number of tires disposed of everywhere in a significant way.

  • They are used in Home Decoration Projects

When tires are used creatively, they are great as home decorations. It depends on how crafty one can get. They are painted in different colors that include art and the appearance is amazing.

  • They are used in Kids’ Playgrounds

Instead of throwing away old tires, they can be used in creating a kids playground. Tires are used for different activities such as riding and making swings.

  • They are used to Construct New Homes

Did you know that old tires are used in creating new homes? Now you know and this another reason, you should not let your tires end up in a landfill. There are construction agencies that will buy your tires solely for this purpose.

When tires are worn out, they should not just be disposed of anywhere. They should be recycled but the problem is that not many people are aware of how useful the tires can be. It is not necessarily that you use tires for decorating your home or creating a playground since you can also sell them to recycling companies. They have the necessary equipment and tools to recycle the tires properly.