Creative Way to Recycle Flip Flops

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Flip flops are popularly worn across the globe and due to the fact that they get worn out fast, they are an environmental problem. They pollute rivers, oceans and even land. Despite this being a huge problem, artists have found an opportunity in this. They have come up with creative ways of getting rid of the flip flops.

It’s All Starts with Collecting the Flip Flops

The first thing that is being done to prepare this “waste” into something valuable is collecting and washing them. They are left to dry before the real task begins. They are usually too dirty to be used that way.

What is made from Flip Flops?

It’s quite amazing how many products can come from wasted flip flops. All this depends on how creative the artists are. Hundreds of products can be made from this including toys, curtains, and jewelry.

  • They are used to Make Toy Animals

One of the creative ways to recycle flip flops is to make toy animals. The good thing about these toys is that they are both colorful and durable. They are actually impressive by just looking at them. They make giraffes, lions, elephants and even colorful birds among other animals. Whether you want a big or small creation, you can get this done by use of flip flops most of which are found on the ocean shores.

  • They Make Beaded Curtains

Perhaps you are used to seeing curtains made from the usual materials such as silk and cotton. Did you know that those flip flops you are disposing make curtains somewhere? Artists are becoming more creative day in day out. You can now buy beautiful plastic curtains made from flip flops.

  • They are used to Make Jewelry

Worn out flip flops are also used to make unique jewelry. The material is nicely designed to make necklaces, bangles and earrings among other types of ornaments and jewelries.

It’s quite inspiring how garbage can be turned into art. The use of used flip flops has seen job creations as more and more people are collecting the flip flops for sale while others are making impressive products from them. Creative use of flip flops has seen hundreds of thousands of pairs collected every year and this has also helped prevention of endangering the marine life. Creating products involves various steps and takes time but it is worth the effort.