Great Ways to Utilize Old Magazines

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With old magazines that are stacked in your house, you can get creative and give them a new life. Even when they have been stored for months or years, there is always something you can do with them. You enjoy versatility in old magazines and it all depends on how creative you can get.

∙         Create Envelopes and Gift Bags

One of the good ways to utilize old magazines is to make envelopes and gift bags. The envelopes will be unique and versatile especially when they are used for special occasions. You make them in the size of the cards and glue them together. This is the same case with gift bags. The recipient will appreciate the fact that you spent time in customizing something unique for them and this will also save you money.

∙         Use Them to Decorate a Space

You realized that a certain room or wall in your house can do well with a wallpaper. You do not have to spend lots of money if you have old magazines in the house. There are different ways that you can create these wallpapers to give a room a unique look. considering that you already have the materials and the task is easy, you will be saving both time and money.

∙         Create Flower Vases

To make these kinds of flower vases, you will need old magazines, glue, and empty bottles especially those with unique shapes. You have probably seen decors of bottles but you could not figure out how they had been done. Stick the magazine pages carefully and creatively to come up with unique flower vases.

∙         Make Upcycled Magazine Bowls

You can create any bowl design that you wish with old magazines. When the bowl is well designed and the magazine strips are sealed together, you can use the bowl for various purposes. You can opt to put jewelry, fruits, makeup and veggies among other things. The project is not complicated and you can create any design that you want.

∙         Make Art Pieces

Another way to incorporate old magazines in your home decor is to make art pieces. You can create anything from animal art to places. The mosaic designs bring out your creative side.

With old magazines, there is so much that you can use them for. From making upcycled magazine bowls, flower vases, wallpapers to envelopes and gift bags, you will be spoilt for choice. Whatever you come up depends on your creativity.