Repurposing Old Shoes in Your Home

Repurposing Old Shoes in Your Home

Have your shoes run the life of their course? Don’t throw them away just yet. Read on to learn how to give your shoes a new life. Then go an buy some new ones from Gilmours Shoes.

Your house probably has items that are no longer in use. It could be old chairs, buckets, gumboots, shirts and flip flops among many others. You do not want to throw them away and at the same time you cannot give them out. This is one area that you do not need a professional to guide you. All you need is inspiration and creativity, and its surprising the treasure that you can create from the old stuff. You will have interesting stuff from junk and you will be freeing up some space in your house.

  • Create a Kitchen Garden

If you have old or ill-fitting gumboots, you should not throw them away. This is because you can make them a small garden kitchen. You can turn them into containers to grow some plants especially the herbs and the good thing is that they do not require much space. To make them even more appealing, you can paint them to match the theme of your home or the colors that you prefer. You will have a beautiful small garden even if it’s in your balcony. 

  • Create a Pin Cushion

This is best done when there are small sized shoes. You should create a pin cushion especially if you prefer correcting seams yourself. With a shoe-sized pin cushion, you will not have to worry about where the pins are or someone might be hurt by a missing pin. 

  • Create a Ribbon Wreath

With old stuff in your house, it’s all about creativity. Flip flops come in different and beautiful colors. With old flip flops, you can create several door wreaths depending on how many you have. Whether you are having a party in the house or you are just in a good mood, you can hang some on your doors or even walls. This is also a great welcome option in summer.

  • High Heel Cactus Planters

Those beautiful 6 inch heels should not be sent to a landfill when they can make planting fun at home. The front of the shoe is the most important in this case as this is where you will plant the cactus. It’s a great spectacle with multi-colored shoes in different designs and styles being the base of cactus plants.

There is a lot you can do with old shoes in your home. From creating cactus planters, coming up with a small kitchen garden to creating summer door wreaths, you are only limited by creativity. You can get plenty of DIY inspiration ideas from the internet.

Great Ways to Utilize Old Magazines

Great Ways to Utilize Old Magazines

With old magazines that are stacked in your house, you can get creative and give them a new life. Even when they have been stored for months or years, there is always something you can do with them. You enjoy versatility in old magazines and it all depends on how creative you can get.

∙         Create Envelopes and Gift Bags

One of the good ways to utilize old magazines is to make envelopes and gift bags. The envelopes will be unique and versatile especially when they are used for special occasions. You make them in the size of the cards and glue them together. This is the same case with gift bags. The recipient will appreciate the fact that you spent time in customizing something unique for them and this will also save you money.

∙         Use Them to Decorate a Space

You realized that a certain room or wall in your house can do well with a wallpaper. You do not have to spend lots of money if you have old magazines in the house. There are different ways that you can create these wallpapers to give a room a unique look. considering that you already have the materials and the task is easy, you will be saving both time and money.

∙         Create Flower Vases

To make these kinds of flower vases, you will need old magazines, glue, and empty bottles especially those with unique shapes. You have probably seen decors of bottles but you could not figure out how they had been done. Stick the magazine pages carefully and creatively to come up with unique flower vases.

∙         Make Upcycled Magazine Bowls

You can create any bowl design that you wish with old magazines. When the bowl is well designed and the magazine strips are sealed together, you can use the bowl for various purposes. You can opt to put jewelry, fruits, makeup and veggies among other things. The project is not complicated and you can create any design that you want.

∙         Make Art Pieces

Another way to incorporate old magazines in your home decor is to make art pieces. You can create anything from animal art to places. The mosaic designs bring out your creative side.

With old magazines, there is so much that you can use them for. From making upcycled magazine bowls, flower vases, wallpapers to envelopes and gift bags, you will be spoilt for choice. Whatever you come up depends on your creativity.

Car Specifications You Must Understand

Car Specifications You Must Understand

For first-time car buyers or those that do not pay much attention to cars, it’s important to understand the meaning of specifications. All cars have specifications or features that attract buyers. It could be that it consumes less fuel, it’s about the power or the transmission among other things.

Understanding car specifications helps when you are planning to buy a car. Also, it helps you to ensure you maintain your vehicle correctly and not damage it.

If you do not look after your car correctly you can end up driving into the ground. We know you do not want this to happen to your vehicle. So ensure you understand these car specs and take care of your transport.


 This is one of the most common and basic specifications that you should understand about a car. The two driving systems are automatic and manual transmissions. When the dealer or manufacturer talks about the number of transmissions that a car has, they simply mean how many gears the car has and that you can use. Some cars will have five-speed transmission while others will have six and others four.

Tank Capacity

 Not all cars have the same fuel tank capacity. Some have more than others. While some have a capacity of 40 liters, others will have for 30 liters but what determines this? The size of the car and the type determines the duel capacity. The good thing about understanding the tank capacity specification is that you can have a budget for the fuel.

Car Displacement

 Every vehicle has cylinders otherwise known as chambers. The displacement defines the volume of these cylinders that could be 3, 4 or 6 and so on. It also indicates the amount of fuel a car consumes in a cycle. You can easily tell this by the figures mostly at the back of the car which appears as 3.0, 2.0, 1.8 or 1.0 among others. This is measured in cubic centimeters also known as cc. The higher the displacement the more fuel it consumes per cycle.


 There are three drivetrain systems that you can choose from. You can opt for Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or Four Wheel Drive (4WD). When you opt for FWD, you choose for power to be applied to the front wheel while for 4WD, the power will be applied to all the wheel while for RWD, its sent to the rear wheels.


 The most common types of engines are petrol and diesel. Although these are the main ones, one can opt for electric hybrids. The one thing that differentiates these is the ignition system construction. Petrol engines must be fueled with petrol while diesel ones must be fueled with diesel. If a car is fueled with the wrong gas, this compromises the functionality of the engine.

Ways of Creative Impressive Products from Soda Caps

Ways of Creative Impressive Products from Soda Caps

The soda cap that you throw away every time you open a soda is useful to someone else today. It’s something that many toss away without even thinking how it can be recycled. Thanks to the creative artists that it is used creatively to make durable products that include baskets, table mats, and even jewelry.

Bottle Caps Make Baskets

We have all seen baskets being made from ropes. They come in different designs, colors and finishes. Artists are now using bottle caps to make unique and beautiful baskets. It’s no longer all about the ropes. These baskets are durable considering that these caps takes such a long time to decompose.

Making Mirror Frames

Mirror frames can be made from varieties of materials. Metal and wood are the most popular but to have a unique frame, bottle caps are being used. The beauty of this project is that it is a perfect DIY. All you need is plenty of bottle caps and glue. You stick them round the mirror just the way you prefer.

They are used for Interior Design

Do you like interior design or are you are an interior designer? You can get more creative in your business, your house or office with bottle caps. These small items are available in different colors and you can use them in any part of your home. Besides creating a mirror frame, you can make a wall hanging, create coasters and even a kitchen countertop. Some of these projects may be time consuming and will require you to collects lots of bottle caps but the good thing is that you come up with unique stuff.

Unique Curtains

Bottle caps are also used to make unique curtains. Although such curtains are not usually used by homeowners, you will find them being used in bars, pubs, barber shops and beauty parlors. Wires or strong strings are used to join the bottle caps to come up with unique curtains.

If you are looking for a unique way to personalize your space, bottle caps will be a great option. Recycling bottle caps in your home is a great way to personalize it and you can be as creative as possible. When you have time, you can even make a wall hanging or a tabletop from bottle caps. There are tons of ways that you can recycle bottle caps and make your home beautiful.

Creative Way to Recycle Flip Flops

Creative Way to Recycle Flip Flops

Flip flops are popularly worn across the globe and due to the fact that they get worn out fast, they are an environmental problem. They pollute rivers, oceans and even land. Despite this being a huge problem, artists have found an opportunity in this. They have come up with creative ways of getting rid of the flip flops.

It’s All Starts with Collecting the Flip Flops

The first thing that is being done to prepare this “waste” into something valuable is collecting and washing them. They are left to dry before the real task begins. They are usually too dirty to be used that way.

What is made from Flip Flops?

It’s quite amazing how many products can come from wasted flip flops. All this depends on how creative the artists are. Hundreds of products can be made from this including toys, curtains, and jewelry.

  • They are used to Make Toy Animals

One of the creative ways to recycle flip flops is to make toy animals. The good thing about these toys is that they are both colorful and durable. They are actually impressive by just looking at them. They make giraffes, lions, elephants and even colorful birds among other animals. Whether you want a big or small creation, you can get this done by use of flip flops most of which are found on the ocean shores.

  • They Make Beaded Curtains

Perhaps you are used to seeing curtains made from the usual materials such as silk and cotton. Did you know that those flip flops you are disposing make curtains somewhere? Artists are becoming more creative day in day out. You can now buy beautiful plastic curtains made from flip flops.

  • They are used to Make Jewelry

Worn out flip flops are also used to make unique jewelry. The material is nicely designed to make necklaces, bangles and earrings among other types of ornaments and jewelries.

It’s quite inspiring how garbage can be turned into art. The use of used flip flops has seen job creations as more and more people are collecting the flip flops for sale while others are making impressive products from them. Creative use of flip flops has seen hundreds of thousands of pairs collected every year and this has also helped prevention of endangering the marine life. Creating products involves various steps and takes time but it is worth the effort.

Creative Ways to Recycle Old Tire

Creative Ways to Recycle Old Tire

As people become more innovative, environmental problems increase every day. People are no longer worried about their impact on the environment as long as they earn money or get rid of stuff. When some car owners change their tires, they just send them to the landfill or dispose of them where it seems convenient for them. To help deal with this major problem considering that tires take up to a million years to decompose, recycling should be embraced.

  • They are used in Garden Beds

You probably have a garden where you have been growing some flowers and other plants. You have been wondering about how you can reduce or eradicate weed growth or how to retain more water. The good news is that you can play your role in reducing environmental problems by using tires. By placing used tires in various parts of the garden, you can prevent weed growth and retain more water.

  • They are used to Make Slippers

When tires cannot be used any further, there are people that will find them quite useful and an opportunity for them to make money. They will use them to make some kind of slippers that are quite comfortable to walk on. This is something that is being practiced in places such as Africa and this has reduced the number of tires disposed of everywhere in a significant way.

  • They are used in Home Decoration Projects

When tires are used creatively, they are great as home decorations. It depends on how crafty one can get. They are painted in different colors that include art and the appearance is amazing.

  • They are used in Kids’ Playgrounds

Instead of throwing away old tires, they can be used in creating a kids playground. Tires are used for different activities such as riding and making swings.

  • They are used to Construct New Homes

Did you know that old tires are used in creating new homes? Now you know and this another reason, you should not let your tires end up in a landfill. There are construction agencies that will buy your tires solely for this purpose.

When tires are worn out, they should not just be disposed of anywhere. They should be recycled but the problem is that not many people are aware of how useful the tires can be. It is not necessarily that you use tires for decorating your home or creating a playground since you can also sell them to recycling companies. They have the necessary equipment and tools to recycle the tires properly.

Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Across the globe, millions of plastic bottles are thrown away. They range from soda bottles, laundry detergent and water bottles among other types. This would be such a huge waste if some of these bottles were never recycled. By recycling them, the environment will be cleaner and healthier. There are plenty of ways that you can recycle plastic bottles in industries and even at home.

  • Use the Bottle to Store Cereals and Snacks

Most of these bottles can be used to store snacks and cereals. For example, instead of keeping rice in papers, you can opt to store it in plastic bottles the same as peanuts. When you use the bottles, for this reason, it will make pouring easy while keeping your kitchen organized.

  • More Plastics can Be Made

One creative way of recycling used bottles is to create other useful stuff. The recycling industry is quite diverse and it’s amazing what old plastic bottles can become. Plastic lumber, lawn furniture, recycling bins, toys, containers, household items, and playground equipment are just some of the things that can be made from plastic bottles.

  • Create Plastic Bottle Planter

When you want to decorate your home with different plants, you do not have to buy flower vases and pots. You can use old bottles to come up with impressive planters. This is a project that you can handle yourself since all you need is to cut the bottles, paint them according to your preferred colors and draw whatever you want. You should then fill them with soil and plant your seeds. You can actually have a herb garden even with limited space.

  • Old Plastic Bottles Are Used to Make Clothes

Besides making plastic items, old plastic bottles are used to make new clothes.  In fact, most of the clothes made from plastic are quite useful during the cold season. Sweaters, insulation for ski jackets, carpets, t-shirts, and sleeping bags are just some of the clothing stuff that is made from plastic bottles.

  • Kids’ Toys

As a parent, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on toys. There are some toys that you can make from plastic bottles as long as you are creative. Toy cars are the most common and it’s interesting that kids might love them more than the bought toys. They will have wheels from bottle caps and you can paint them so as they look more impressive.

The Rise of Recycled Art

The Rise of Recycled Art

Most of the products today are recyclable thanks to technology and how innovative people have become. While some junk objects have to be shredded to be destroyed, there are others that are recycled to create impressive art. It depends on how creative one is and this is highly recommended because it saves the environment.

What is Recycled Art?

You may have seen art such as animals and impressive cars made from old metal or tires. This is what is referred to as recycled art since it’s made from material that was once used as something else but that item is no longer useful. In most cases, the art created is usually unique and impressive.

What Are Some of the Junk Materials than Create Recycled Art

Some of the material comes from the things that you use on a daily basis. They include electronic stuff, old tires, plastic bubble wrap, iron sheets, shoes, computer hardware, clothes and even empty bottles among others. What an artist creates and how impressive it highly depends on how creative they are.

Why should you Buy Recycled Art

Also known as environmental-friendly or junk art, you should invest in recycled art. Not only because it is impressive and unique, but because it is a good way to preserve natural resources. You also save on landfill space. With an experienced artist, you can have whatever kind of art you want. Art can be customized to suit your tastes.

Recycled Art is an Effective Way to Take Care of the Environment

Trash that is used to create recycled art is readily available. People will dispose of their cars to landfills, they throw away old clothes and bottles. This is what is collected and in most cases, artists who create this kind of art do not have to buy their materials and even if they do, it’s quite cheap.

The Advantage of Recycled Art

Recycled art is impressive but it is also long-lasting. Most of these materials such as tires and metal take hundreds of years to decompose and by making art out of them, no one has to worry about how fast the ‘waste’ will decompose.

Recycled art plays a significant role in preserving natural resources by reducing the amount of waste thrown around and decorates spaces. Whether you want a humorous piece of art, inspiring or even whimsical. Creativity with artists has helped people look at junk in a new way. It’s not all about artists making money, but it is also a creative way of taking care of the environment.