Repurposing Old Shoes in Your Home

Repurposing Old Shoes in Your Home

Have your shoes run the life of their course? Don’t throw them away just yet. Read on to learn how to give your shoes a new life. Then go an buy some new ones from Gilmours Shoes.

Your house probably has items that are no longer in use. It could be old chairs, buckets, gumboots, shirts and flip flops among many others. You do not want to throw them away and at the same time you cannot give them out. This is one area that you do not need a professional to guide you. All you need is inspiration and creativity, and its surprising the treasure that you can create from the old stuff. You will have interesting stuff from junk and you will be freeing up some space in your house.

  • Create a Kitchen Garden

If you have old or ill-fitting gumboots, you should not throw them away. This is because you can make them a small garden kitchen. You can turn them into containers to grow some plants especially the herbs and the good thing is that they do not require much space. To make them even more appealing, you can paint them to match the theme of your home or the colors that you prefer. You will have a beautiful small garden even if it’s in your balcony. 

  • Create a Pin Cushion

This is best done when there are small sized shoes. You should create a pin cushion especially if you prefer correcting seams yourself. With a shoe-sized pin cushion, you will not have to worry about where the pins are or someone might be hurt by a missing pin. 

  • Create a Ribbon Wreath

With old stuff in your house, it’s all about creativity. Flip flops come in different and beautiful colors. With old flip flops, you can create several door wreaths depending on how many you have. Whether you are having a party in the house or you are just in a good mood, you can hang some on your doors or even walls. This is also a great welcome option in summer.

  • High Heel Cactus Planters

Those beautiful 6 inch heels should not be sent to a landfill when they can make planting fun at home. The front of the shoe is the most important in this case as this is where you will plant the cactus. It’s a great spectacle with multi-colored shoes in different designs and styles being the base of cactus plants.

There is a lot you can do with old shoes in your home. From creating cactus planters, coming up with a small kitchen garden to creating summer door wreaths, you are only limited by creativity. You can get plenty of DIY inspiration ideas from the internet.