Ways of Creative Impressive Products from Soda Caps

Ways of Creative Impressive Products from Soda Caps

The soda cap that you throw away every time you open a soda is useful to someone else today. It’s something that many toss away without even thinking how it can be recycled. Thanks to the creative artists that it is used creatively to make durable products that include baskets, table mats, and even jewelry.

Bottle Caps Make Baskets

We have all seen baskets being made from ropes. They come in different designs, colors and finishes. Artists are now using bottle caps to make unique and beautiful baskets. It’s no longer all about the ropes. These baskets are durable considering that these caps takes such a long time to decompose.

Making Mirror Frames

Mirror frames can be made from varieties of materials. Metal and wood are the most popular but to have a unique frame, bottle caps are being used. The beauty of this project is that it is a perfect DIY. All you need is plenty of bottle caps and glue. You stick them round the mirror just the way you prefer.

They are used for Interior Design

Do you like interior design or are you are an interior designer? You can get more creative in your business, your house or office with bottle caps. These small items are available in different colors and you can use them in any part of your home. Besides creating a mirror frame, you can make a wall hanging, create coasters and even a kitchen countertop. Some of these projects may be time consuming and will require you to collects lots of bottle caps but the good thing is that you come up with unique stuff.

Unique Curtains

Bottle caps are also used to make unique curtains. Although such curtains are not usually used by homeowners, you will find them being used in bars, pubs, barber shops and beauty parlors. Wires or strong strings are used to join the bottle caps to come up with unique curtains.

If you are looking for a unique way to personalize your space, bottle caps will be a great option. Recycling bottle caps in your home is a great way to personalize it and you can be as creative as possible. When you have time, you can even make a wall hanging or a tabletop from bottle caps. There are tons of ways that you can recycle bottle caps and make your home beautiful.